4-1 Global Issue – Species /Forest Loss

Issue: Species and Forest Loss

Before the beginning of the industrial era, there were 5 species lost annually. Now there are approx 50,000 species lost annually.

About 15 years ago, wolves were killed off and removed from Yellowstone Park and they have been recently re-introduced into the ecosystem. The effects of removing the wolves and reintroducing them have affects on abiotic and biotic aspects of the ecosystem.


Discussion on the Species Issues:

  1. Species that have been lost
  2. Species that need protection.
  3. Was Charles Darwin correct in his “Origin of the Species”?

Discussion on Forests Loss:

  1. The loss of forests are now a critical Global Security Issue, because of a major loss of quality and quantity in the global forests.
  2. We continue using oil ‘ancient sunlight’ from forests, when we need to collect the daily sunlight to supply all our energy needs.
  3. Energy Farming is not an option. Bio-mass Energy conversion is less than 1% efficient.

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