7.0 Geological Science

Discussion for Teachers.


Vocabulary:  igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic, minerals, chemicals, and tectonic plates.

Geological Issues: All rocks indicate the time line of the Earth. They are affected by the pollution dropped on the ground such as oil which will seep into the rocks. Rocks filter water into aquifers. They also are major producers of resources through mining. Current increasing populations, the need for economic power, employment, and the development of goods for consumption are only a few of the issues that are contributing to the causes of war.

Geological Curriculum: Sharing resources with those who have less. Invent production ways that are ‘Cradle to Cradle’ in practice.  Teach no waste. Knowing your local geological structure. Reduce pollution, know your ecological footprint and reduce it. Develop values that promise changes that we need.

Materials for Hike:

  • Hard covered notebook and pencil in a plastic bag.
  • Digital camera or recording tool. Hat, sun screen, water bottle.


  1. Understand the local make-up of rocks and minerals in your nearest escarpment or landscape.
  2. Rocks linked to leaching to water pollution. The importance of the visability of historical pollution.
  3. Take photos of the landscape showing samples of rocks and identify them.
  4. Log them into their ‘hardcover notebook’ on their expedition.

Slideshow:  Slide Show – Geological Science

Mindmap:  www.mindmap42.com

Substance Accounting: Tracking Form – Carolinian Rocks and Minerals

  • Minerals, Volcanoes, and Chemicals
  • Thin crust of the Earth
  • History of the inside of the Earth
  • Moving plates Earthquakes


  • Walk to river or nearby escarpment.
  • Photograph the layers from different angles
  • Draw a graphic in notebook

Mindmaps: Create one on http://www.mind42.com

IHTEC’s Program: Suggest contact a mining company to donate various rocks or ores for friendship benches. This was achieved in Whitehorse, Yukon, where the ground is permafrost.

Build an Inukshuk using rocks.



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