4-2 Peace and Sustainability


  1. Develop an understanding of the importance of biodiversity for species
  2. Understand the interdependence between humans and all species.

Biotic and Abiotic Systems: These are live systems and dead systems.


Peace: Write how you see the links between species and forest loss.

Google docs: Carolinian Species

Tracking Form – Carolinian Native Grasses

Tracking Form – Carolinian Wildflowers

Tracking Form – IHTEC Forest and Biodiversity

Tracking Form – Carolinian Mammals

Tracking Form – Carolinian Fish

Tracking Form – Carolinian Reptiles and Amphibians

Create a Mind Map – Species

Watch SafariLIVE on youtube – ecosytem live in South Africa showing the inter -relationships in grasslands.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqDrifmHmE8


Create a game from the following YouTube link.



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