3.0 Soil Science

Soil Science – Agriculture and Food Sciences

Definition:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soil_science


  1. Explore soil and food that is grown in your life zone. Create a map of places producing food in your area.
  2. Understand how soil is created.
  3. Discuss growing food indoors and in your peace garden for food security.
  4. Understand that the lack of water or rain makes growing food difficult.  Soil pollution with things like oil or salt, prevents growing food. ie: Australian’s above ground irrigation along the Murray River, has brought the salt from the artesian basin to the surface, because much of Australia was an inland ocean.great-artesian-basin


land use, bio-char, and humus, top soil, loam, clay, bedrock, subsoil, weathered rock.

Assignment: What are your local soil issues?

Slideshow: Slide Show – Soil

Mindmaps: http://www.mind42.com  with your glocal (global and local) issues on soil.   Look for soil ideas in your local or provincial curriculum.

Substance Accounting:  Tracking Form – Nutrition (Food) from Soil

IHTEC’s Program:

  1. International School Peace Gardens planting food suitable to your soil type at your school. Nurture the soil first.
  2. BiodiversityDedicationTeachers

Science for Peace/Canadian Pugwash, Global Issues Project: Action Framework on Food and Population


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