1.0 Geo-science

Discussion for Teachers:
An overview of the Earth’s dilemma that will lead into the other global commons. Maslows hierarchy of needs are taught in schools, and this explains human needs for survival and growth.

Definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_science

Chant: ‘Earth – Enjoy it, love it and save it” Rosalie Bertell 2.


  1. Understand how the Earth was created and how thin the crust is, that supports all species.
  2. Check their ecological footprint to see how sustainable their own actions are now.
  3. Know that everything is connected.
  4. Understand how consumerism affects all life on Earth.
  5. Performing research on the ethics of their purchases and the role of prevention.
  6. Understand how actions can affect people, animals, and environment everywhere.

Vocabulary: Global Commons, Natural Resources, Carbon Footprint.

Key Concepts: Ecological Footprint, Introduction to the layers from Core to Ozone.

Welcome and General Overview.

  1. Teachers open shows lesson concepts in Google Docs.
  2. Teacher to identify research ability with Typing, Word Processing, Powerpoint, Excel, YouTube, Creation of videos in various formats: Photo Story 3, Windows Movie Maker and on YouTube.. This may require creating ‘key student helpers’ who know how to use  each tool to help others.
  3. Identify students research skills
  4. Teacher create a mind maps. http://www.mind42.com 

Topic: Earth Slide Show – Lesson 1 – Geoscience

  1. Use Google Earth and with maps.
  2. Locate yourself on an unlabeled map of the World
  3. Locate yourself on an unlabeled map of Ontario
  4. Which Life Zone are you in?

Substance Accounting:

Google Docs – Ecological footprint 3.   What is your ecological footprint?
Google Docs – ‘Tracking Form Footprint’.

IHTEC Programs: International School Peace Gardens


Global Commons:  GLOBAL_COMMONS_Curriculum

Lesson Plan:  State of the World Lesson

2 Bertell, R. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosalie_Bertell
3Our Ecological Footprint, by Mathis Wackernagel and William Rees.




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