Teachers Instructions

Before you begin:

  • Ensure you all know Maslow’s Basic Needs as this a scientific values system that applies to all humans.
  • You may be interested in HelmutBurkhardt_GlobalActionPriorities for Global Sustainability Education.
  • Note that this is an elementary teachers training program but it may be useful for Secondary School and the student as a starter for the learning about global issues and sustainability. This is can also be used by any adult that may not be able to attend university but who may see an issue that needs solving where they live.

For this course, you will need to also know your way around:

  • Peace in these modules is a preventative methodology.
  • GlobalSustainabilityEducation handbook which has all the information to individual modules with resources.
  • IHTEC website www.ihtec.org and the International School Peace Gardens program.
  • Transformational Leadership Training website.
  • Teachers will be invited to download the Slideshows, and Tracking Forms and make them your own.
  • For Brainstorming, you will be asked to use Mind Maps www.mindmap42.com
  • We have developed Prof Helmut Burkhardt’s ‘ SubstanceAccounting to be used as  tracking forms.
  • The Peace Matrix – Burkhardt and Morton-Marr is useful for analysis and communication strategies.
  • For the Teacher Course Certificate Assessment:
    • Create one lesson plan for the Grade level you are teaching, suitable for either Year K-5, 6-8, 9-12 or Secondary.
  • You need to keep a historical timeline of your GSE achievements, with dates and a paragraph of who, what, where the event or activity happened.


You might like to cross-reference the issues you identify, using the Peace Matrix as your communication tool.

Tracking Form – Peace Matrix – Finding Solutions.

Please Post below, anything issues that we may have missed in our modules, that you would like us to develop.

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