UN Questions on Sustainability Education.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Read Desmond Berghofer’s Knowledge Based Society  first.

IHTEC asks “Is Global Sustainability Education (GSE) the future of education for the next seven generations?”

IHTEC asks, “Will GSE help to prevent future wars?”

IHTEC asks, “Will Global Sustainability Education (GSE) change the world including future corporations, governments etc in the future?”

What is the role of education in changing behaviours?

What kinds of education systems are necessary for environmental sustainability?


Is there evidence that ‘Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)’ changes behaviours and choices?

What is the time frame for such change to become visible?

Are there other key drivers of behavioural change that need to be considered?

Can local action and empowerment contribute to environmental sustainability?

What does equality have to do with environmental sustainability?

Will ensuring environmental sustainability ensure human rights, peace and security?

Is it a human right to leave the earth in a safe, clean, healthy, sustainable environment.

What about human responsibilities and duties as well as human rights?

To effect change we need politics. How do we ensure all politicians get active and create the environment for systemic change?

How do we use the internet and the media, to effect the desired changes?

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