2-2 Peace and Sustainability

Peace or Conflict:

  1. Discuss Ozone depletion – and the effects to life on earth.
  2. Create a Mind Map: Atmosphere/Ozone issues and concerns.

Atmospheric Sustainability Curriculum:
Understand international and local laws. Work toward O air pollution and aircraft emissions. Reduce pesticides and protect the soil. Use solar/electric vehicles, and stop rainforest losses. Plant species that are your local biodiversity. Repair the ozone by preventing ozone-depleting substances such as nitrogen oxide from motor vehicles. Use bikes.


  1. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) Pollution Map of Carbon Dioxide in the world.
  2. ‘Google Documents’ log your results in ‘Footprint Log’. You will be sent the form.

Imagine that you are a balloon rising through the sky and through the layers of atmosphere what would you expect to see, feel, and experience?


Research what an Ozone hole is, each student is to find one fact.

  1. Is there an Ozone hole above you where you live?
  2. Where are there any holes in the Ozone. They will research this online individually.
  3. Track the ozone in your area for a week. What did you learn.

10 June 2012 United Nations Environment Program reports:

Community Activity
Write a letter to nations with Rainforests asking to preserve them for the good of everyone.


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