Is 21st Century Learning for Climate Change and pandemics “Global Sustainability Education?”

“Whatever education system we create for future generations must prevent all wars. Each action for instance, planting in an International School Peace Garden, must be carried out with with conscious, well-formulated purposes; grasped by all those involved. All teaching whether on-line, by parents, in schools, universities, and colleges must include education that will reduce negative impacts on the global commons.”

Dame Julia Morton-Marr; written 14 October 2019; updated 2 June 2020.

GSE-UTMBrochure GSE-UTM Brochure page 2 pages, focuses on:

  1. A study of the main global issues affected by climate change.
  2. A possible new systemic educational system.

During the pandemic the Tourism industry was severely impacted. Here are some thoughts.

Written by Dame Julia Morton-Marr
Sunday, May 24, 2020

*Linking what happened during the pandemic,
to Holistic Tourism Education study 1995-8, and into the future.

What? In February and March 2020, Governments around the world shut most humans in at home because of a pandemic called Covid-19. This is what happened in Ontario, Canada.

Planes stopped flying, staff were laid off
Cruises grew covid-19 and were held off shore
Hotels became hospitals and
Quarantine cells for travellers
Restaurants were closed, only takeout delivery allowed

Tourism has a twelve times multiplier
If Tourism fails
People lose jobs, don’t get their pay
Families get stressed
Money is scarce, food lines were huge
Evicted from homes?

Milk was poured down drains
Food in fields were dug under
Redirect systems must change
Put people to work
Supply chains don’t work and some will break!
Eggs thrown away
Must chickens stop laying?
Breakfasts not cooked
Bacon not fried
Meat under threat

When borders were closed
People can’t travel, education reduced
Countries tourism may die
Will Intra-State travel
Be all that we know
Will Museum’s and Gallery’s
Peace Parks and Peace Gardens ecosystems
Become the new educational centres of
Peace through Tourism or
Will they all be online?

When people work from home
People stopped driving to work and back
Pollution was gone, how quickly it cleared
What if people choose not to go back to offices in high-rise buildings
Jobs may be lost, but time will be gained.
What happens to office buildings from the past?

We do need to eat
At places near by or at home.
Shopping on-line, all very fine
Food takes a week to arrive at the door
Too many people not growing their own!
Clothing returns that don’t fit, costs escalate
Shopping malls close, consumerism stops
Warehouses might close, so how about that.

Cars do pollute, energy must change
Plastics destroy, hot ocean rising
killing our fish
Changing the currents, both wind and the ocean,
Ice age approaching
Pollution from rivers clearing themselves,
What now?

Will we have bullet trains on land?
They take 50 years to create
Will Rails for Trails be used again
For fast transport across land

Will interstate travel be by driver less busses?
How can we travel overseas again?
Will SpaceX speed us between continents and islands?

Entertainment, theaters, music, dancers, artists
Social interactions from travel
Artists are starving their copyright money is slow
Sports tennis, football, may return slowly


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