6.0 Fresh Water

Discussion for Teachers:


Materials for Hike:

  • Hard covered drawing Student Booklet and pencils.
  • Shoes for hiking, digital camera or recording tool, hat, sun screen, water bottle.
  • Bring a small bucket to carry water in.


  1.  Understand that as the population on Earth increases and climate change heats the Earth, freshwater needs conserving and kept where it is.
  2. Look at the water cycle, understand that human water footprint is intruding into what nature needs. Nature needs water too, so that the water cycle can work. (Slide Show)
  3. Current water usage of freshwater for food (virtual water) transported from other countries, is taking water from another country’s system.
  4. Society needs to eat food that is grown locally.

Mind Map:  http://www.mindmap42.com


Slide Show:


  • Visit your nearest river. Identify species. Discuss quality and quantity of water and species found.
  • Carry back a bucket of water like people living in an African village.
  • Take photos.

Mindmaps:  http://www.mind42.com

Substance Accounting: Tracking Form – IHTEC Water Dedication

IHTEC’s Program:

  1. Watershed Peace Pathways http://www.ihtec.org/PrimaryPages/WatershedHome.html
  2.  DiscoveringDelicateDeserts 

Science for Peace/ Canadian Pugwash, Global Issues Project:

  1. freshwater-decEN
  2. freshwater-decFR

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