6-1 Global Issue – Fresh Water

Fresh Water Issues: 

Over consumption in Western Societies, Scarcity in third world countries; pollution and salination, sewage, over city-managed reducing water quality in rivers and aquifers that are between state and country borders, dry river mouths due to over-use, reduced levels, increased temperatures, drought reduced levels, salt water ingress, and access difficulty .

Vocabulary: freshwater, water laws, conservation, virtual water, aquifer, and pollution


  • Water footprint in various countries
  • Water pollution
  • Virtual water (food from other countries)
  • Water in plastic bottles sold to other countries
  • Nature needs water

Tracking Form – IHTEC Water Dedication


  • All Children love clean fresh water
  • Please keep water where it is.
  • Water needs water to prime its pump.
  • Greenhouse effect evaporates water.
  • Short Survival Showers

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