2-1 Global Issue – Atmosphere

Issue – Global warming, how it has occurred,  and the chemistry involved.

Pollution and air quality, transportation and aircraft burning of fossil fuels. dust storm, climate change. ozone depletion and the effects of excessive ultraviolet light.  Rainforest loss removes the carbon sink through photosynthesis, pesticides traveling through the atmosphere going towards the Arctic and Antarctica and getting into the species that are eaten for food. This is called the ‘Grasshopper effect” Barry Commoner. Work towards zero emissions for all species existence.


  1. The major Cycles:
    • Cycles of the Earth I: The Carbon Cycle
    • Cycles of the Earth II: The Nitrogen Cycle
  2. After learning about the cycles the students will write a short life story as a Carbon Molecule or a Nitrogen Molecule and then share YOUR story.
  3. Class discussion:
    • The relationship between Carbon and the Atmosphere
    • What can we do to prevent adding to the carbon emissions?


  • Pollution kills all species
  • 2 degrees of warming, is 4 degrees in the Arctic.
  • Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere stays for 100 years
  • Methane in the atmosphere lasts only 9 years.




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