3-2 Peace and Sustainability

Soil Sustainability:

Stabilize human population, reduce livestock or change eating habits, plant trees to increase water (each tree hold gallons of water), plant tree shelter belts, replant grassland, remove wood use for fuel and encourage food security and prevent soil erosion.

Comment on these:

  1. Oil poured on ground goes into the water supply through the aquifer;
  2. Climate change is melting ice on land, causing the sea to rise around the world. In Hawaii, fresh water levels are too close to the salt levels. This happens as the sea levels rise. Hawaii has food for only two weeks and salt will reduce the soil that can be used for food.

Sustainability Action:

  1. Composting – Collect food scraps and compost it. Discuss how this becomes humus for soil
  2. Brainstorm using a ‘Soil’ mind map.
  3. What happens when the soil is covered with plastic bags? or other litter?
  4. Tracking Form – Litter Survey


  1. Discuss how rocks developed ie: the ‘Rock Cycle and Nitrogen Cycle’.
  2. Students will then share their stories in a slide show.
  3. Understand the chemical nutrients that are needed for soils to be healthy.

Language Arts:   Games_ Writing a Poem; Singing a Song, record it, podcast or video it and add to your http://www.youtube.com site.

IHTEC’s contribution to the Roundtable: IHTECFoodPopulationRT

also a new program on desertication and how to live with very little water DiscoveringDelicateDeserts


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