8-2 Peace and Sustainability

Vocabulary: alternative energy, solar and wind energy, exergy, geothermal, and hydro-electricity.

Peace or Conflict: Energy Sustainability Curriculum:

  1. Wind generation on its own and in combination with solar, gives more when used as co-generation. Introduce decarbonization into society.
  2. Solar power…there is enough energy from the sun for everyone. Per person we need 50 sq m of solar collectors: ie 30 sq meters solar / electric and 20 sq meters solar heat.
  3. Using solar co-generation wind / hydrogen reduces consumption to 30 sq m. this also doubles the efficiency, solves the world energy problem sustainability. Which in turn also solves the climate change symptoms.
  4. Many countries are using geothermal, wave and inventing other methods of generating power.
  5. Know how much you are using in all forms.


  • How can you reduce your carbon emissions?
  • Create and innovate a Mind Map on ‘Energy’.

Google Docs – Download your own. Tracking Form – Energy Sources



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